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Hostback rewards will keep rewarding you and grow. Plus they are uncapped which means your reward could become more than your subscription fee costs!

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We have a dedicated support team based in the UK. We can support all types of requests. From website advice to hosting or email support.

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The monthly fee you pay is the monthly fee you pay. We keep it simple. We dont have any extra fees or charges. Even when switching, no charges apply!

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    Transfer Questions Answered

    Can I transfer my website myself?

    Yes. Once subscribed we will provide you access to your hosting account. You will then be able to complete the transfer.

    If you need help with the transfer please get in touch.

    Email Account Transfer?

    If you have email accounts setup on your existing hosting, we can help you transfer these to our hosting platform.

    Which Platforms Are Free to Transfer?

    We can transfer a large number of platforms for free. Some of these are:

    Some websites don’t use a CMS framework and are built from the ground up.

    We would need to find out what programming languages are used and advise you if they can be transferred.

    My Website Is With... WIX / WEEBLY / GODADDY / SQUARESPACE

    This is where things get a bit tricky!

    These platfroms use their own web builders and won’t work on our hosting servers. Or any other servers because they don’t allow you to transfer the whole platform.

    We would need to recreate your website on a platfrom like WordPress. This is the only time we would need to charge a fee.